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Founded in 2008, MICHAEL M is a premier bridal and fashion jewelry house intent on setting new standards in American luxury jewelry. With an elite league of skilled artisans handcrafting each piece and hand setting every diamond in our Los Angeles atelier, our vision is to create the highest quality, responsibly sourced pieces designed to reinvent fine jewelry.

We believe every piece has a story to tell, and should be passed down from generation to generation.
We’re honored that MICHAEL M is part of so many of your stories.



Crafted using only the finest quality materials - 14k, 18k and platinum that we alloy in-house - and diamonds that are hand selected and set with perfectly level tables. Every piece of MM jewelry is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect and accompanied by an authenticity card.


Our responsible business practices protect the natural world. All of our materials are ethically sourced from the world's preeminent certified suppliers who follow conflict-free practices. MM is committed to complying with best practices in ethics, human rights, social responsibility, and protection of the environment. 


Each piece of jewelry is specially made-to-order and handcrafted with care upon your request. We operate on a made-to-order basis to reduce waste of materials and lessen our overall footprint. We hope that it might feel a little more special for you knowing your piece of jewelry was made especially for you.


MICHAEL M was built out of generations of Meksian Family jewelry-making tradition. Michael Meksian, the namesake of the brand, came to America to forge his way in the world with his own career - which ended up being a successfully thriving family business in the fine jewelry industry. His son, Peter, wanted something more - he wanted to create a legacy for the family name. In discovering the opportunity in the luxury jewelry marketplace for a brand that utilizes European inspiration and designs, Michael and Peter created MICHAEL M, introducing a brand with European style and influence, and distinct modern craftsmanship to the jewelry world.


MICHAEL M was built out of generations of Meksian family jewelry-making tradition.

Michael Meksian grew up in Armenia where his father was a barber. Michael didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps, he wanted to come to America, and so they did. Shortly after moving his father passed away. Michael being the eldest son, was in a position to step up and provide for the family. He got a job sweeping floors at a jewelry store. Gradually, his position evolved and he was sent on the road to create sales. He was highly successful, so much so that he went on to start his own business in the jewelry industry – New Gold – a fine jewelry manufacturer that supplies many gold sources.

Michael had a family of his own, including a son named Peter who he hoped would one day take over the family business. But, like himself, Peter did not want to run the family business. He wanted something more, to create a legacy for the family name. In discovering there was opportunity in luxury jewelry for a brand that utilized European inspiration and designs, Michael and his son Peter created the namesake brand, MICHAEL M, introducing European style and influence with distinct modern craftsmanship.



Our use of negative space emphasizes the most compelling design elements, balancing the intricate features of each piece for a modern aesthetic. 


We use articulated design to create fluidity in movement and infinite balance for a dimensional and visually impactful statement.


Symmetry is a key element of the brand, incorporating geometric proportion and artistic precision to elevate each design in a distinct, gratifying way.


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