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Ours is set in Los Angeles. It begins with one brilliant, sparkling diamond and an idea:
set this stone in an elevated fashion that maximizes every last sparkle. And MICHAEL M made it a reality.

With our signature crown setting, we reinvented contemporary bridal jewelry. We present a hidden halo, a modern take on a classic technique that features our iconic negative space design and places the diamond at center stage, achieving a 360-degree aura-like brilliance.

From our Los Angeles atelier, we’ve made custom engagement rings that shine as bright as each M bride’s vision for her future self. And for the first time ever, we unveil our ready-to-wear collection. It’s rooted in generations of Meksian family jewelry-making tradition and it’s inspired by a new era of M Brides, M Girls, M Women, and M Men—fiercely independent, boldly confident, and seductively strong—whose love stories, style stories, and success stories shape our ever evolving creative vision.

This is our story.


Our Crown Collection, featuring the original “Hidden Halo”, is a modern take on the classic halo. Each style from our Crown Collection features tiny round diamonds handcrafted perfectly below the center stone, creating an unexpected sparkling crown that truly elevates each creation. Ideal for those who love halo rings but prefer a more discreet design, our expertise and craftsmanship can customize the hidden halo for any center stone. The subtly of this style has made this collection a crowning favorite.



Our LINK Collection is inspired by connecting with family, friends and significant people in your life. Those real-life connections create a chain in your world. Get LINKed. 


Modern, chic, and refined, our TETRA Collection is a revolution in design. With its aesthetics rooted in the four sides of a pyramid, this collection is undaunted, independent, and bold.


Our CLOUD Collection combines ethereal design with symmetry and movement. The cloud-like motifs create an inimitable feel that's innovative and elegant.


How do your MICHAEL M pieces reflect you or the story behind your purchase? How do you wear your crown? What does your crown mean to you?  We can’t wait to hear your MICHAEL M story. Tell us all about it.

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