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The Original Hidden Halo

The Original Hidden Halo

Engagement rings come in many elegant shapes, designs and colors. Some brides choose to go extravagant with platinum, lots of pavé and European shanks; while others prefer to stick to the traditional, classic and time-tested solitaire style rings. If you want a ring that’s somewhere between luxurious and minimalist, you might consider a ring with a hidden halo. At MICHAEL M, our CROWN Collection is the home of the original hidden halo.

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Hidden Halo Ring Design

The Classic Halo

A classic halo consists of one or two rows of diamonds that face upwards next to the center stone, increasing the appearance of the center stone’s size exponentially. Halos can be any shape and can match the shape of the center stone, or take on a different shape for contrast. Halos maximize the size of the stone when viewed from above, while also adding a contrasting design element. The juxtaposition of small diamonds alongside a large center stone is stunning.

The Hidden Halo

A hidden halo features a small circle of diamonds peeking out from beneath the center stone. It isn’t usually visible when viewed from above, so appears very similar to a classic solitaire engagement ring from that angle.  However, this hidden detail can be viewed from any side angle, shooting up the wow factor. It enhances the size and of a center stone, just like a typical halo, but its effects are more subtle. Shoppers opt for hidden halos  for their elaborate construction and timeless appeal.

What They Look Like

Hidden halo rings typically feature a glittering halo of diamonds wrapped around the setting that holds the center stone. The diamonds in a hidden halo perfectly complement the visual appeal of the gallery. Hidden halos are the perfect choice for someone who wants the classic solitaire look with the added elevation and sparkle of a diamond halo. Hidden halos can be customized to be a single or double row of pavé, as well as appearing more delicate with smaller stones or going bigger for a more impactful sparkle from all angles.


Our Commitment to Craftsmanship

MICHAEL M engagement rings featuring the hidden halo are perfectly designed and gracefully crafted to suit the exact measurement and aesthetic of any shape or size center stone, as well as the size of the band. The width, composition and other visual factors of the halo can be fully customized. Like all of our rings at MICHAEL M, we use G color and VS clarity diamonds.  Once a design is decided upon, it’s the perfect chance for the couple to create an everlasting symbol of their love.

Hidden Halo Rings from Our CROWN Collection 

michael m hidden halo CROWN R707-3

CROWN R707-3

Our CROWN R707-3 features micro-pave diamonds along the shank, a round center diamond and of course, a hidden halo. This hidden halo lies within four prongs holding up the center stone and features French cut diamonds.

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michael m hidden halo CROWN R742-2

CROWN R742-2

Featuring a more prominent hidden halo, CROWN R742-2 features a center diamond and hidden halo on the exterior of its prongs set atop the MICHAEL M signature design shank that allows for maximum sparkle of the center stone. The sides of the ring feature a single row of prong-set diamonds. CROWN R642-2 is elegant in its simplicity with a hidden halo for added flair.

michael m hidden halo CROWN R747-2

CROWN R747-2

Even more intricate, CROWN R747-2 showcases a round center diamond with a double row hidden halo peeking out from beneath. This detailed hidden halo structure compliments the design of the shank, which features two rows of tiny diamonds.

michael m CROWN R711-2

CROWN R711-2

Perhaps the most elaborate from our CROWN Collection, CROWN R711-2 features a robust hidden halo within four prongs, each with a row of bright cut pavé set diamonds. These prongs hold up a cushion diamond and the shank features a row of shared prong set diamonds.

Final Note

Now that you know about the hidden halo and have seen some of our favorites, check out some more rings from our CROWN Collection at MICHAEL M. The CROWN Collection isn’t the only selection of MICHAEL M rings with hidden halos. DEFINED R730-2 boasts a more dramatic style with an oval-shaped center diamond and oval halo along with a tiny, circle hidden halo. DEFINED 730-2PR has a teardrop shaped halo and center diamond with a hidden halo. Its shank consists of micro-pave set diamonds. Here are even more hidden halo rings with a variety of center stones and ring styles.

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