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Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

A landmark moment in your relationship, selecting your wedding bands is an emotional significant decision that brings together personal, historical, and style choices. After browsing endless selections of wedding bands, you might be wondering which will suit you and whether or not your newlywed should have the same one.

It all depends on what you both want. Placing a wedding band on each other‘s finger commemorates your participation in a classic tradition, and the extent to which you want to adhere to tradition or deviate is your decision to make. At MICHAEL M, we handcraft exquisite diamond rings and bands. Here’s a quick rundown for everything you need to know about choosing a band for you and your loved one.


A History of Wedding Bands

Now looking at the future, most western culture emphasizes both newlyweds placing a wedding band on the left hand. In ancient Rome, people believed that the vein runs from the left ring finger to the heart. Following this logic, putting a ring on this finger would increase their love for each other. While medical scientists eventually corrected this belief, the tradition continues today out of habit and nostalgia. 

Wedding traditions are different based on culture. In some countries, like Costa Rica and India, people rarely even wear wedding bands. In the past, the groom does not get a wedding band, but in the 20th century United States, they eventually do the double-ring ceremony where both the newlyweds get a wedding band. 

It is understandable that the decision to match wedding bands is nuanced and subject to many interpretations. Because of this, many brides and grooms often wonder if they should change the tradition or not. 

Lucky for you, we are here to dive into this meaningful subject to give you more insight.

Why Do People Want Matching Wedding Bands?

In the United States, many couples want matching wedding bands because it’s the traditional choice. A lot of jewelry shops often sell matching sets where you get one band for the bride and one for the groom. 

These matching wedding sets are a visual representation of the bond of your marriage, illustrating that you belong with one another and share common values and outlooks on life.

It shows that you value tradition and want to take part in them. After all, this is a timeless tradition that brings value and meaning into people's lives.

What If You Don’t Want Matching Wedding Bands?

In this day and age, traditions are meant to be broken. Some couples want to create their own tradition that fits both of their styles and personality. It’s okay to depart from old customs, especially since many might seem outdated in our modern culture.

When couples choose different wedding bands, they are expressing their individuality  and want their jewelry to match in a more thoughtful way.

Newlyweds with opposing styles or different skin tones might be better off choosing a ring that suits him/her perfectly. Mismatched wedding bands allow the couple  to make more personal style choices while still getting the chance to do something fun together and commemorate the next step in their relationship.


What to Consider When Choosing Matching Wedding Bands

There are some essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect wedding band.

  • Metals

When it comes to metal, gold is the traditional route for bridal jewelry, but platinum wedding bands have been popular in recent years. Men’s wedding bands tend to look very good in titanium and tungsten. However, some people have sensitive skin, and may not react very well to the material. If this were the case, it’s vital to get hypoallergenic metals.

  • Colors

Color wedding bands are exciting factors. A yellow gold ring is a traditional option, but if you have a light complexion, then a white or rose gold might suit your skin tone better. A gray tungsten or black titanium band is great for a more masculine look. Discover our array of MICHAEL M men’s bands here.

  • Finish

While a matte or satin finish can give off a softer and more feminine appearance, a polished finish is the most versatile. It can look professional or glamorous, and the eye-catching glint exudes confidence.

  • Diamonds

Find out how to customize your ring here. You can determine the size of the center stone to accompany the side diamonds. All of our diamonds at MICHAEL M are G color and VS-clarity.

  • Design

At MICHAEL M, not only do we design matching sets, we specialize in creating custom diamond wedding bands that are as unique as your engagement ring. 

All of these factors can help you narrow down the perfect wedding band. Browse our selection at MICHAEL M to narrow down your choices.



How to Style Matching Wedding Bands

Wedding bands come in various styles and designs. It can come in a matching set. One partner can style their band in yellow gold, while the other can choose rose gold. The design should be similar but not the same. For example, if the bride's ring includes a set of diamonds, then the groom may have similar decor, but larger. 

Some people like to create wedding bands that contrast each other’s shape, color, and style. You can use different gold colors, like yellow or white. You can also incorporate designs with contrasting elements of a white and black diamond. 


In Conclusion: Should Wedding Bands Match?

It really depends on the couple. If both want to stick to tradition, then they should definitely go for a matching wedding band. 

If they want something unique or have different tastes in style and personality, then mismatch wedding bands might be a good idea. 

Fortunately, MICHAEL M can jump start your journey with exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands to choose from.

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