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10 Romantic Proposal Ideas

10 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Proposing to your significant other is no small feat, and rolling out a mundane cliché of a proposal robs this moment from keeping a special place in your heart. It’s a big moment and one that deserves to be carefully planned out. This way, it will remain memorable for decades to come.

Luckily, we’ve shortlisted some of the best romantic proposal ideas to help inspire and make this moment as unforgettable as it can get.

Here are our top ten romantic proposal ideas:

1. Photobooths

Proposing in a photo booth is a great way to surprise your significant other and capture the moment perfectly. It’s a simple idea, but it’s also full of fun. Choose this proposal idea for a nostalgic reminder of fairs, concerts, and other events where you began to fall in love.

This makes it all the more unexpected, and to top it off, the photo booth itself will capture the moment!

You will want to plan out this romantic proposal idea carefully. How are you going to involve a photo booth? You can throw a party and rent out a photo booth without drawing any suspicion. You could also head to a venue in which you are sure a public photo booth is available. It may also be a private photo booth depending on the setting. Some clubs, restaurants, and bars will have photo booths available for patrons.

If you are out with friends or intend to throw a party, you can encourage everyone to use the photo booth as an excuse to head on in with your significant other. Once the timer has been set and the booth starts to countdown, pop the big question! You’ll get to enjoy her overjoyed expression on film for years to come.

A nice touch is to have your friends waiting outside with congratulatory gifts and balloons. They would have to know of the plan in advance, but this makes your proposal idea all the more special. Everyone can celebrate the engagement together afterward.

2. Love-Filled Scavenger Hunt

The next idea isn’t as simple as walking into a photo booth, but definitely quite thoughtful and rewarding.

Plan a scavenger hunt that eventually leads to the treasure at the end. This treasure is, of course, the engagement ring.

Conjure up a scavenger path that traverses back through time in your relationship. Hide clues in places of significance, such as where you had your first date, or where you had your first kiss.

To make it more fun, get family members involved as the clue givers who are waiting at each location to provide hints and the clue to the next area. If you want to get really creative, you can incorporate fun activities into your scavenger hunt. Hide a clue in places like the spa, for example, where the clue is revealed after a nice massage and manicure session!

Eventually, all of these clues should lead to the final spot. This spot should be memorable, such as a vantage point overlooking the city. Propose as soon as your loved one finds the final treasure: the engagement ring. Ideally, your friends and family will be nearby to capture this beautiful moment.

A pro-tip is to place this final treasure point near an establishment where everyone can get together and celebrate. This location could be a nice restaurant, bar, or even one’s home.

3. Travel Back In Time

Another excellent proposal idea is a nostalgic one.

Pick a whole day for a fun date, and select four to five spots that were key moments in the relationship from when it began to where it is now.

These locations should allow you to capture the moment through photographs. Have these photos printed out and scribe on the back what was most memorable about that time together.

The photographs help each location visit become a reflection of that time in the relationship. It’s also wise to mix it up. Take photos at certain spots, recorded audio at another, or even playback a video.

By the end of the day, all of the spots that were visited should translate into a beautiful timeline of the relationship culminating in the final spot where the proposal can take place. Here, have friends and family show up as a surprise to help capture the moment. Alternately, keep it private with just the two of you if you prefer.

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4. Concerts

We’ve all seen this proposal strategy. Whether it’s a rock concert or indie pop event, nothing screams commitment like getting up on stage in front of thousands of people and professing love to a significant other. This proposal always works because it’s really a bold move!

Find out which concert or public event is happening soon that has some significance in the relationship. Whether it’s a shared favorite artist, or the first festival you ever attended together - find something special.

Reach out to the event organizers and see if it’s possible to get up on stage and propose while the crowds watch. Keep in mind, snagging this type of proposal requires perseverance, and it’s going to take more than a single email. Be sure to hit all channels such as reaching out to the main artist on Twitter, and any other person of significance.

If there’s no luck in making this happen, then the next best move is to propose during the concert. Wait for a favorite song and surprise your loved one by getting down on one knee to propose. Chances are those around will notice, and it’ll still be a grand gesture in front of a crowd!

5. Nature

Another great proposal idea is one that involves some height and scenery. Pick a favorite hike if exploring the outdoors is a common favorite past time. It can be a hike that the two of you did before, or it can be a trip to someplace new and special.  

Try to pick a time that’s less crowded so that it can be as secluded as possible when the two of you are at the top. Another idea is to go with another couple so that they can help to capture the special moment.

Once you are at the top of the hike amongst the beautiful landscape, drop down on one knee and propose when your significant other is distracted and in awe of the sights. It will make sure that your proposal is a surprise, and can create a picture-perfect moment for the photo album and engagement announcement post.

6. Propose with Puppers

This proposal idea only works if either partner has a pet, or if there’s a close family friend with one. The idea is quite simple but can be incredibly heartwarming. Have a cat or dog or walk up with either a proposal message or a slightly covert but obvious ring holder.  You can do this while you are walking your dog, or when your pet is summoned by a significant other. Either way, the goal is to catch her off guard and then quickly jump in to propose.

There’s a chance that the pet might run away with the ring and kind of ruin the seamless moment. Our advice is to use the pet as the messenger and not the ring holder. Have a slight note hanging from its collar showing, “Will you marry my dad?” as an example. Then jump in and propose!

7. Your Own Movie Trailer

A fun idea that might require a few technical skills and help from friends is creating a movie trailer of the relationship so far. There are two flavors of the trailer, both of which are equally beautiful and guarantee that she’ll say yes. Let’s take a look at both:

First, take existing footage of the relationship and splice it together into a quick highlight reel. Be sure to pick moments that are collectively cherished and that your loved one will instantly remember. At the end of the trailer, pop the question!

Alternatively, find some friends or acquaintances that your significant other doesn’t know that well, and use them to star in a trailer representing a memorable moment or two in the relationship.

It’s important that these moments are blatantly obvious so that it’s quickly picked up as a representation of your relationship. At the end of the trailer, have the actors turn towards the viewer, breaking the fourth wall, and prompt your proposal.

Watching your trailer can be as simple as putting it on the TV during a family gathering or when at home. To go big or go home, try to negotiate a placement before a theatrical movie in the local cinemas. If possible, even book up all the seats, so it’s empty and private. Head to watch the movie with your significant other and have this trailer show up before the movie starts.

Surprise her with an eloquent proposal!

8. Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway is an easy and fun proposal ‘getaway’ as opposed to an idea. Plan a fun vacation with your significant other and cue in a subtle but fun way to propose during the trip.  Pick a vacation getaway that is romantic and known to be a couple’s destination, such as Paris.

While on vacation, there are plenty of ways to tie in a proposal with the regular itinerary. One idea is to rent bikes to get around the city.

Slide the ring and a proposal message inside the helmet and hand it over before your bike rides. Your loved one will be surprised, to say the least.

Alternatively, you could pick a great place for dinner and have the restaurant surprise her with the classic “ring in the champagne glass.” Or head over to a great scenic lookout for a picnic and hide away the ring box in the picnic basket for her to discover.

There are a million ways to pop the question here, but the important part is once the proposal is over and she’s full of joy. Moreover, what’s great is that the vacation isn’t over! There are still days to celebrate the engagement together before heading back home.

9. With Friends and Family

We’ve gone into detail on a lot of activity-centric proposal ideas, but there’s always room for simplicity. Sometimes, simple ideas can make the most memorable proposals.

There’s no trick to this idea. Just gather friends and family for a party. As the night progresses, pick an opportune moment to make a toast to thank everyone for coming and follow this up with an elegant proposal.

To kick things up a notch, have your friends and family involved in the proposal. Some members could be designated to capture the moment on camera. Others can be in on the proposal, by either holding helium balloons that spell out “Will you marry me?” or wearing custom t-shirts hidden under their jackets or shirts.

Either way, this proposal idea is all about celebrating with friends and family. If your significant other holds friends and family close to her heart, then this is definitely a good idea.

10. Sunset and Ocean Vibes

A list of romantic proposal ideas wouldn’t work without one that involves a sunset by the beach. Grab a parchment and scribe together a beautiful poem or note about your significant other and your relationship. Place this in an antique bottle and bury it somewhere that is easily identifiable.

Invite your significant other to head to the beach to catch the sunset. Once there, set up camp in the area close to where the bottle is buried. While going about things, start to dig under some excuse such as to build a sandcastle and act surprised when you discover the bottle. Make sure that your significant other is the one who opens it up.

As she reads the poem, get down on one knee and pop the question. If it’s possible, have some friends with you at the beach so that they can help capture the moment it happens! You really can’t go wrong with these proposal ideas, and any of them are sure to get her saying yes!

As a last pro tip for any of these proposal ideas, it’s always good to recruit a professional photographer to document the proposal whether you’re with friends or alone. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the moment while the photographer takes care of making sure to capture the proposal so that you can look back many years after the marriage.

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